IRIS opera nell'ambito della ricerca e sviluppo di soluzioni innovative per la realizzazione dei vostri prodotti.


Innovation Lab

IRIS Lab is a company active in research and development, focalized on the study and the realization of sustainable transport infrastructures. The provided technical solutions are specifically designed to meet real needs in the field and are characterized by a high level of innovation, with appropriate technical, financial and environmental aspects.

This challenge is addressed by IRIS Lab with a completely open approach. IRIS Lab pursues his projects always taking into account the multiple aspects and possible interconnections, refusing to operate solely on the basis of pre-established scientific ideas, but instead following the path created step by step from the results of the research and development activity. In this way, IRIS Lab is able to provide its partners with high quality products, constantly adapted to new standards of sustainability of the current market.

The products and services developed are referred to the world of “smart cities”, pointing to the liveability of urban environments through advanced solutions for mobility management, transport infrastructure, energy efficiency, information and monitoring systems.